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Fuckstick. 11-08-05 22:48
Yes. This is a conversation I had with someone. I'm Maduin15. The other person... is... well... ":".

: hey
Maduin15: Miau
: did you here that there is a rally abt the strike on thursday, at the district office around noon, u should come...
Maduin15: What are you asking me to do?
: come
Maduin15: Yeah, I got that, but why, specifically?
: bitch abt the government
: i no u can do that
Maduin15: Why should I bitch about the government?
: cuz mayb we can fix it
Maduin15: What do we want to fix?
: the fact that school get no money
Maduin15: And why doesn't it get any money, and how can us, standing around like idiots, fix it?
: i have no idea but at least we have a right to bitch, cuz we are trying to do somthing about it
Maduin15: We have a right to bitch about something that no one has any true idea about, or direction with?
Maduin15: Taking a while to write this, I see.
: no, its kinda the reason for the strike, and why the school board is fighting it cuz they arent geting enought money to pay the teachers wat the need to be payed, but they could if they fired a few teachers and over work the rest. but its not the school boards fault that they arent given a bigg enough budget to work with that is the state's fault and it need to be fixed
Maduin15: Why is it the state's fault, then? Why aren't they giving money up? Maybe they don't have it?
: and if we can get the school board and the teachers union to work together to get the state to give them more money then that would fix the problem
: it all started with messure 5
: ask a teacher that is picketing
: they can explain it better than i can
Maduin15: Is that it, then?
: yeah, for now
: just go and if you dont like it, leave
: .....?
: are u gonna coment?
Maduin15: Comment? Yeah, sure. Pepsi kicks ass.
: lol
: beter than coke

Wow, look at that conclusion. Fucking magnificent.

I hate it when people complain about an issue, yet have no true idea of what the fuck is going on. All around me, people are complaining about the government, about the strike, about everything. And like here, they ask my opinion, and ask me to help them bitch about some issue. Then I ask them "why". But they are never able to answer my question, nor give me a good reason why I should assist.

People should not bitch/complain about issues that they are told should be confronted. They should analyze and perceive the problem as individuals, not ... haha... fucksticks.

How irritating.

Hello, 11-07-05 12:24
My name is remmy. I'm new to elowel.